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Breathe: I found this app yesterday and it’s really great! It has a lot of meditation tips and it teaches you meditation skills. You put in how you are feeling, and it will give you a choice between three tapes to listen to. I find this to be a really great
self care app and it makes me feel good when I’m stressed out. I think that this is a really good tool to use if you’re working on self care and self love. Let me know if you guys like it!

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"Student says ” I am very discouraged. What should I do?” Master says, “Encourage others."
— Dogen Zenji
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by heeeeman 

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"The dharma is based on honesty, on not having self-deception of any kind. When the dharma says blue, it is blue; when it says red, it is red. Dharma is like saying fire is hot, or the sky is blue: it is speaking the truth. The difference is that dharma is the truth of the reality of the journey toward freedom. Saying that red is red does not particularly liberate you from seeing green or yellow. But when dharma speaks about reality, we see that it is worth stepping out of our little world of habitual patterns, our little nest. In that way, the dharma brings greater vision."
The Path of Individual Liberation, Volume One of The Profound Treasury of the Ocean of Dharma by Chögyam Trungpa, page 114 (via dharmasimulation)
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Do yoga!


Do yoga!

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"When you’re not frustrated by the actions of others, it’s easier to stay focused on the beauty of life."


There is a man that I work with who is, to put it plain and simple: mean.

He is the kind of sarcastic that isn’t funny. The kind of joker that only gives them to you back-handed. 

I like witty people. I like funny people. I sure as hell can take a joke. But none of that is the case here.

He’s just a downer. A negative, glass-half-empty kind of guy. The kind of guy that can’t muster up the courage to wish you a happy birthday, when everyone else in the office has stopped by your desk with cheer.

There have been a handful of instances, today specifically, where I have just been totally caught off guard by his condescending, cruel remarks. He chimes in to conversations I am having with other co-workers, real friends of mine, and finds a way to throw a dig or a blow. A way to make me feel stupid. Or defeated. He is NEVER a part of the conversation.

What is it about these negative people? Why can’t they keep to themselves? I have to imagine that people who go out of their way to make someone else feel bad, or uncomfortable, must be deeply unhappy or insecure about something in their own lives. 

I’m not the type of person to let someone take advantage of me or treat me wrong. But the work environment is a tricky place. Today I stood up for myself, and I did my best to respond smartly and maturely, to simply make this man feel stupid for going out of his way to bring me down. 

I saw the above quote earlier today, before any of this even happened, and made a mental note that I should practice that more. When I left work, I was huffing and puffing, angry and frustrated that people can “get away” with being like this. 

But then I came home to my apartment that I love. To my boyfriend who I love. Who’s now working on building the end table we ordered because he knows just how excited I am to see it in completion. Who’s making me laugh along the way, because his jokes are sweet, and funny, not hurtful.

Listen. The man at work is not out to make anyone’s life miserable. I’m not saying this is real, serious bullying or that I am the one and only target. He picks on people. For some reason me especially. So what I’m saying is that he’s not nice. He’s just not nice.

So, I’m making the conscience effort to let go of the incident from earlier. I struggle with letting things go, because I replay them over and over in my head, conjuring up all the same bad feelings I had when it took place. What is the point?

There is absolutely, positively nothing I can do to change the mean person who is going to be mean. So the next time something happens (and of course, there will be a next time) I will not let them break my inner peace, or cause such a ripple in my mood. 

Some people are afraid of being kind. They believe that being vulnerable and optimistic means they’re weak. While it hurts to be on the receiving end of their bad energy, I feel most sorry for them, because they’re the ones who it lives within.

Be kind, be kind, be kind. Everybody wins that way.

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"There are no failures; just experiences and your reactions to them."
— Tom Krause
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"People are scared to empty their minds
fearing that they will be engulfed by the void.
What they don’t realize is that
their own mind is the void."
— Huang Po (via oceanandwave)
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"Question your thoughts. Question your stories. Question your assumptions.
Question your opinions. Question your conclusions. Question them all into utter
Emptiness, Stillness and Joy."
— Adyashanti (via newlifefoundationthailand)
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